Like A Monarch / played at Western Fjords, Iceland

When we were in Iceland a month ago (May/June 2012) we got to see astonishing landscapes including waterfalls, natural hot springs, amazing mountains and lovely sheep and horses everywhere. We were lucky to have almost 2 weeks of sunshine, which is quite uncommon during that time of the year. And since being there mostly as musicians and only partly as tourists we had the chance to get to know people in a very special and personal way. Everybody was very kind and hospitable. Like on the day when we were supposed to play Patreksfjörður which is in the Western Fjords.

There is this old fishermen boat standing on the shore, solitarily. The time it was supposed to be shut down, the former captain did not want it to be scrapped. So he put it right in front of his house, secluded from the town. Like this he is always able to look out of his window at his old working place.

Coincidentally, the day we got there was the anniversary of that very boat. And you know how old it turned? One hundred years. Which is exactly the age of Titanic. But I think this fishing boat looks still a little healthier, don’t you?

We were invited to have delicious dinner with the party people and were asked to play two songs. This is one of them. Enjoy!

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